"Oh, this is how it works. Now I understand it. I always wondered how it worked."

When I was eight or nine, I showed my Mother a drawing I had made of a horse as viewed from behind. The horse was looking back in such a way that its head was next to its hind quarters.
A perfectly natural position for a horse, but when interpreted on paper the juxtaposition is both unique and humorous.

My mother's response made me understand that my visual interpretation could have a profound effect on how others see or understand things. This revelation has had a lasting effect on me. Ever since, I am motivated to impart information and expression beyond mere illustration.
My Mother's response of understanding is the paradigm for my work: every piece explores a principle, or something that appeals to basic modes of understanding.

The ability to enable people to see things differently comes with a sense of empowerment and inherent responsibility. I strive to hold true to this responsibility in all my work.

Animated Geometric
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8 One-day Exhibits, Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf








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